The Axxent® eBx System is a leading-edge technology that utilizes a proprietary miniaturized x-ray source to apply radiation directly to a skin lesion. The Axxent® X-ray source mimics certain characteristics of the most common HDR brachytherapy isotope 192 iridium. Axxent® HDR x-ray Source offers a unique combination of high dose rate and low energy radiation. This non-invasive procedure can be done in a minimally shielded setting within a dermatologists' office, normally an existing examination room under the supervision of a radiation oncologist.

This allows providers and patients increased access to brachytherapy treatment.


The Axxent® eBx System enables the clinician to administer surface brachytherapy without the use of a radioactive isotope or a megavoltage linear accelerator. Electronic brachytherapy helps eliminate treatment delays and increases access at facilities where no vault exists. With the reduced shielding requirement, the physician can remain near the patient.

eBx simplifies the radiation process with improved targeting of the tumor site using a direct contact applicator and a flexible clamp. Faster dose fall-off of the low-energy miniaturized x-ray source minimizes exposure to healthy adjacent tissues.



Compared to electron beam therapy, the Axxent® surface brachytherapy system allows a more precise set-up with smaller margins and smaller treatment fields, leading to fewer treatments of higher doses. The delivered field with the Axxent® source has sharp fall-off edges which allow field sizes as small as 1cm in diameter.

The applicator has been designed to deliver homogenous dose over 90% of the target area. With the ability to plan accurately within 1mm of the target site, a smaller area can be used to deliver the treatment dose.

With the combination of ease of placement, precision dose delivery and small applicator size, almost any externally accessible area on the body can be treated.



In the same way that linear accelerators made cobalt radiation therapy obsolete more than a generation ago, electronic brachytherapy has significant potential to make many isotope based modalities obsolete. This powerful new tool will allow dermatologists and radiation oncologists to work together to provide the best possible therapy with the greatest clinical outcomes for skin cancer patients.

As electronic brachytherapy now moves into clinical practice, this technology represents a leap forward in cancer treatment. As important as the clinical benefits are however, the true breakthrough relates to easy and convenient access to non-radioactive brachytherapy.


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