Axxent® Miniaturized X-Ray Source


The Axxent® Electronic Brachytherapy System is a leading-edge technology that utilizes a proprietary miniaturized X-Ray source to apply radiation directly to a tumor bed within the body. The Axxent® X-Ray source delivers high-dose rate, low energy radiation treatment without the use of radioactive isotopes. The Axxent® source mimics certain characteristics of the most common HDR brachytherapy isotope, 192lr, but the low energy of the Axxent® source enables the procedure to be done in a minimally shielded setting under the supervision of a radiation oncologist.

Creates greater access to treatment facilities by not requiring a shielded room for use.

Medical personnel can be present in room during treatment, providing patient comfor and well being.

Radiation is emitted only during treatment when the X-Ray source is turned on.

Radiation is emitted at a low energy and high-dose rate, providing coverage to the target area, while providing sharper dose fall-off than conventional isotopes.