Advantages of an Advanced Rad Solutions Skin eBx Center of Excellence

Advanced Rad Solutions (ARS) is a full service company that is managed by a team with many years of experience integrating radiation therapy treatment centers into physician practices as well as the operation those centers. We provide complete support from the inception of the center and continuing throughout ongoing operations. A partnership with ARS provides multiple salient benefits to the center, level of care and skin brachytherapy program.

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Services Provided:

Dedicated Project Manager:

Monitors project throughout implementation of the therapy department


Coordinates: • Development of the treatment space • Acquisition and installation of machine • Required permitting and licenses • Radiation inspection and certification


ARS provides a significant amount of the startup capital required for the following: ° Capital equipment ° Initial supplies ° Working capital for payment of salaries/lease/etc. during revenue cycle ramp up ° Service contracts

Human Resources & Job Descriptions

Assists in recruitment of key staff: • Radiation oncologist • Medical physicist • Radiation therapist

Standardized Protocols and Training/Support

Guidance for client with minimal experience in radiation oncology ° Ensures quality protocols from day one ° Trains staff from a variety of backgrounds in oncology to function as a dedicated team treating skin cancer

Hands-on assistance throughout operations

ARS clinical operations staff on-site during start-up/first treatment ° Maintains onsite support until technical proficiency and competency are achieved ° Continuing Monthly Performance Evaluations (CMPEs) Monthly audits of the center to ensure that imparted clinical standards and protocols are maintained

Coding and Billing Expertise

Provides assistance for proper billing from the onset of operations ° Performs periodic reviews

Establishes Performance Metric for Client

Helps ensure maximum performance from center as well delivering of high quality care

Continued service throughout the relationship by an experienced team

Clinical Operations–Qualified radiation therapists provide ongoing technical support ° Clinical Operations Managers - Conduct continuing monthly performance evaluation audits ° Clinical Engineering – Experienced ARS engineer on staff ° Center Administration – Qualified oncology administrators who provide ongoing support to the radiation department

Material Management and Maintenance

Constant supply of: Properly calibrated x-ray sources • Consumables (shielding, end caps, etc.) ° On-going equipment maintenance after initial manufacturer’s warranty

Discounted Pricing

ARS has successfully negotiated national contracts securing discounted pricing for our partnerships on the initial equipment purchases and supplies needed to operate the center

Other Services

Credentialing with third-party payers ° Development and production of marketing and patient brochures ° Accounting services for the business venture


To download a copy of our brochure, please click here