What is Electronic Brachytherapy?

Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx) with the Axxent® system is an advanced form of cancer treatment that combines the benefits of external beam radiation therapy and traditional brachytherapy to successfully treat breast, skin and gynecological cancer with minimal damage to surrounding areas.  Patients who undergo this unique treatment can achieve effective results without the dangerous side effects and lengthy downtimes often associated with treating these conditions.


Benefits of Axxent® eBX:

With treatment, patients can experience a much safer, faster and less invasive procedure for several different types of cancer.  Radiation therapy is delivered directly to the cancerous area to ensure effective results while significantly reducing the amount of radiation delivered to nearby organs and tissue.
Because of its high-dose yet low-energy applications, eBx does not require such shielded treatment delivery and can therefore be offered in more clinical settings.